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To reap the benefits of a verified hire without experiencing the hassle or the expenditure, all you need to know is


Mention in the offer letter that candidates should get their resumes pre-verified


Ensure that the pre-verification has been conducted before or within 15-days of hiring


Once you register we will verify your login and you will receive a joining kit that will contain the following

A Welcome letter

Brief on SecUR Number Packages and how they work

Sample of what to put on your offer letter and what you can expect on a resume with the SecUR Number



How SecUR Number works

With the SecUR Number interface you can access the verification reports of candidates for free.And if you so wish, you can try out our services for any number of employees. Watch the video to see how SecUR Number works

Old Way

  1. 1. Inflated past salary leading to excess payment month-on-month

  2. 2. 6% of firms’ revenues lost to fraud and abuse each year

  3. 3. Onus of background screening is on the employer

  4. 4. Workplace vulnerable to damage and disrepute due to negative employees

  5. 5. Valuable HR manpower and resources is wasted per candidate before a joining date is ascertained

SecUR Way

  1. 1. Verified salary details mitigates risk of excess payment    

  2. 2. Resumes are verified and the risk for loss is greatly minimised

  3. 3. Onus of background screening falls on the candidate

  4. 4. Workplace is safeguarded from attacks to reputation and loss of value

  5. 5. HR manpower and resources saved can be used for other initiatives like learning and development, etc





Best suited for Retail, entry level sales, MSs, Telecallers, Counter sales etc
  • 1 Previous employment
  • 1 Identity
  • Current Residence
  • 1 Permanent Residence
  • Education
  • Court records
  • Database
  • 1 Media


Best suited for IT, Mid level sales & ops, Support services, etc
  • 2 Previous employment
  • 1 Identity
  • Current Residence
  • 1 Permanent Residence
  • 1 Education
  • Court records
  • Database
  • 1 Media


Best suited for Senior hires, Finance, Cash management operators, etc
  • 3 Previous employment
  • 1 Identity
  • 1 Current Residence
  • 1 Permanent Residence
  • 2 Education
  • 1 Court records
  • 1 Database
  • 1 Media


A preliminary report which covers all aspects except for the education verification will be published within 15 working days. The final report including the education validations takes 40 days
Your SecUR Number report is hosted on Any potential employer with whom you share your SecUR Number with can search, view and download your verification report after they register themselves as Employer ( Link: )
The SecUR Number is valid for a year from the date of issuance.

About SecUR

SecUR Credentials is one of India’s largest background checking companies with operational capabilities in 14 countries. Thriving at the intersection of technology and innovation, we are passionate about delivering customer-centric solutions. 15 years of management experience has powered our ability to streamline the background screening process. Our processes have been integrated into HR systems in over 350 large-scale companies across 30+ industries. Some of our products include

SecUR Hello

An employee on-boarding solution for companies to streamline their hiring process

SecUR Number

A game changing service that allows candidates to pre-verify their resumes for prospective employers

Symphony 3.0

A proprietary workflow system, audited and certified by several large IT firms, which forms the backbone of the background screening methodology at SecUR


Robust API that sifts through digitized databases at all court levels in the country

eCompass 2.0

Handheld API for thorough, GPS-tagged, on-field reporting by SecUR personnel

SecUR Insta 1.0

Adhaar linked KYE for instant identity and address verifications